National Association of Pastoral Musicians
Grand Rapids Chapter

Supporting all music ministers as they seek to utilize their art
to enhance worship and prayer throughout the Diocese of Grand Rapids

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Parish Membership:

The parish joins the Chapter at the $150 level, becoming a sponsor/benefactor of the Chapter. Anyone in the parish who chooses, may register to become a regular voting member of the Chapter at no addition cost. (Voting membership is recommended for, but not limited to, pastor, director of music ministries, assistant directors, accompanists, and anyone with a leadership role in the parish music ministry.)

Moreover, every member of the parish's music ministry: choir members, cantors, instrumentalists, can receive the monthly newsletter, announcements of events, and be eligible for member discounts at Chapter events.

This new program benefits the entire music ministry within the Diocese of Grand Rapids:

  • Events can be announced to more potential participants in the Diocese.
    Instead of a single notice sent to the music director of the parish, all adult cantors, choir & ensemble members and instrumentalists of the parish can be kept informed of all events relative to their pastoral music ministry.
  • Increased participation provides increased funding, which provides for better programs using the best available clinicians.

The membership is renewable on the 12-month anniversary of the membership. Become a major supporter of the work of our chapter in the Diocese of Grand Rapids!

Individual Membership:

The pastor, music director, or any other member of a parish music ministry is eligible to join as a regular voting member of the NPM-GR Chapter. The annual dues are $20, renewable annually on the anniversary of joining. You will receive our monthly digital newsletter along with all the benefits of full membership.

Support Our Mission for the Benefit of All

The more we grow, the more we can collectively do to share the music gifts with which we have all been blessed. Some of us come to learn, others come to bring their gifts to the [conference] table! We are a community of musicians who serve the parishes of the Diocese of Grand Rapids. We learn from each other, we inspire each other, we support each other, and we need each other.

Membership in the National organization tends to address the pastoral music leadership. The Chapter exists to also bring enrichment to the multitude of folks who serve within parish music ministries.

Join us as we work together to foster the art of musical liturgy!

  • Membership in the national organization is separate from local chapter membership. Please support the activities of the local chapter in our diocese!

Not a member at the national level? Visit to join online, or
Download the national membership form (pdf) here.

Student Membership

A new initiative designed to reach out to college students pursuing liturgical music studies

The board members of NPM-Grand Rapids has just established a fund to pay the NPM national membership dues for students pursuing studies in liturgical music and related fields! All students attending a college within the diocese, as well as residents of the diocese who are studying outside the area, are eligible to apply... More »


Why is there an association of pastoral musicians?

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) fosters the art of musical liturgy.
The Grand Rapids Chapter of NPM seeks to do this locally through continuing the education, networking and collegiality of the pastoral musicians who serve within the Diocese of Grand Rapids. This group provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and for the mutual support of church musicians in their craft and ministry in the Church.

What is a Pastoral Musician?

  • A pastoral musician is first of all a lover of music willing to improve their musical skills and use them in service to the Church.
  • A pastoral musician is a believer, with a living faith that supports their call to ministry.
  • A pastoral musician is a teacher, a servant, a leader, a student, a minister, a listener, a theologian—roles which all exist simultaneously in both unison and harmony.
We strengthen the health of our ministry with:
  • Faith
  • Imagination
  • Service
  • Vision
  • Creativity
  • Prayer
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Ministry
  • Friends

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Chapter members receive free or discounted admission to all chapter programs and events
  • Digital chapter newsletter: an educational / resource tool, as well as a forum for communication of parish and other related events
  • Advance notice of special events and performances around the Diocese
  • Interesting and rewarding opportunities to serve as volunteers and resource people for chapter events
  • Chapter members are encouraged to join at the national level also (a separate thing altogether), which entitles the member to receive Pastoral Music, the journal of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians, and discounted registration for all national and regional NPM conventions

Who are NPM-GR chapter members?

  • choir members
  • cantors
  • instrumentalists (organists, pianists, guitarists, and players of handbells, percussion, woodwinds, brass, whatever... for worship)
  • choir directors, directors of music ministries
  • music educators, catechists
  • priests, deacons
  • liturgy / worship commission members
  • parish staff (pastoral associates, etc.)
  • students interested in parish music & liturgy
  • anyone interested in music in worship

How do I join?

The membership form is available here