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The Grand Rapids Chapter of NPM and the Diocese of Grand Rapids Celebrate

The Holy Year of Mercy in Song

Merciful Like the Father

     NPM-GR and Diocese of Grand Rapids

Multiple dates, multiple locations!

An event for all the folks of our parishes: musicians and non-musicians alike. The NPM chapter, working in partnership with the diocese, will repeat this event in six locations scattered around the diocese at 7:00 p.m. Friday evenings this spring and next fall. Two additional fall sessions are being prepared for Spanish speakers.

Interspersed with messages from Pope Francis, this festival of song will open with the international Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy, followed by an ensemble-led penitential litany, and Marty Haugen's well-known hymn, Bring forth the Kingdom [of Mercy]. Part One will end with C.H.H. Perry’s glorious tune, laudate dominum to the text The Kingdom of God Is Mercy and Grace.

Part Two will open with the Pope's reflection on the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy, celebrated in song with two ensemble-led and one organ-led hymn.

Parts Three and Four focus on reconciliation among nations and peoples, and personal witness—including a song by Argentinean composer, Pablo Sosa (a life-long friend of Pope Francis), and Michael Joncas' popular Magnificat: the ultimate song of commitment.

The final section will be pure praise for God’s gift of mercy. If you were at the NPM convention last summer, you’ll never forget the entire convention singing O God Beyond All Praising accompanied by the Grand Rapids Symphony, nor will you forget the hymn which we commissioned for the convention, Where the Joys and Hopes of Living. These will lead us into a brief closing prayer.

Celebrating the Holy Year of Mercy in Song been prepared for musicians and non-musicians alike. Most of the hymns and songs will either be familiar already, or will be presented in a way that readily enables participation by all. In each of the locations, the parish choir will assist in leading the song.

The purpose of repeating Celebrating the Holy Year of Mercy in Song in six scattered locations is to enable as many persons as possible to participate. Find the location nearest you and start spreading the word!

The events start at 7:00 p.m. on these Fridays at these locations:

This is congregational song. It will be led by musicians: instrumentalists, cantors, and choirs, but is essentially the song of the people!