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Grand Rapids Prayer of Peace

  • Ecumenical sung prayer in the spirit of Taizé
  • 7:30 pm | the 2nd Monday of every month at St. Mary Church, 423 1st St NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504-5277 [MAP]
  • 7:00 pm | May 11 and seasonal dates to be determined at Dominican Chapel~Marywood, 2025 E Fulton St, Grand Rapids MI 49503-3811 [MAP]
Prayer of Peace

Ecumenical prayer in the spirit of Taizé: a meditational style of prayer, known for its short, accessible songs sung in a repeated mantra style. Scripture, silence and petition prayer round out the evening.

Promoted locally as the Grand Rapids Prayer of Peace, this style of prayer helps us cultivate personal, interpersonal and community-wide reconciliation, peace and harmony.

NPM-GR has long been a supporter of prayer in the spirit of Taizé: at chapter events, in parishes, in local ecumenical celebrations, and at conventions.


Everyone is invited, of course; however, musicians are especially needed to participate, regularly or for specific dates as you are available. A short music rehearsal takes place the same night, starting at 6:30 pm.

  • Instrumentalists are needed to help lead the prayer. Tell us who you are, when you are available, and we’ll use you where we can! Keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion, strings, woodwinds, brass, whatever. We have parts on-hand for various instruments in C, Bb, F and Eb treble clef, and C bass clef. (So far.)
  • Vocalists are needed to add harmony and confidence to the singing.
  • Cantors are needed for psalmody, intercessions, and verses sung over ostinato refrains.
  • Readers are needed for scripture and a spoken prayer.
  • People to help prepare the environment and tidy up afterward are very much appreciated.
  • In preparation for each month's prayer service, we also welcome anyone who would like to be part of the planning: the selection of songs & prayers to be used each month.
  • Do you want to look at the music ahead of time? Click here to see the outline of the next month's music selections.
Please let us know if you are able to participate in any way, and we will work out the details with you! Contact Larry Barton to volunteer (or ask questions) at: or tel. 616.617.2694.

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Share the News

We can use help from anyone and everyone to help share the news about these events. We have flyers and posters prepared that you can use. Please print them and hand them out to your friends/acquaintances/colleagues/antagonists, whatever you can do.

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